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Posted 15 Oct, 2005 by webmaster in Institutional News

In an era marked by sweeping social change, deepening distrust and recalcitrant populace, Alein B. Navares expanded his reach and strengthened his purpose. Challenging times demanded strong action and he responded with a brace of compassion, zest and sunny optimism. We personally picked him to be featured for this issue. Perplexed? Read on and find out how exceptionally inspiring his personality is.

About Alein: CIT’s King of Engineers and Summa Cum Laude last March 2003, Alein is indeed a well-known figure in the campus. At the young age 23, he is currently one of the most respected instructors in the IE department. Armed with his charm, wit and intellect, he’s one individual we can’t help but admire.

Techno: You really love teaching?
Alein: It is my passion.

Techno: What recognitions did you receive when you graduated from college?
Alein: Aside from the King of Engineers 2003 and Summa Cum Laude, I was awarded as the Outstanding Graduate of 2003 and at the same time Presidential Awardee for Academic Excellence – it is the school which gives that. It is awarded to the graduate with the highest academic grade.

Techno: So, you were the only one who got the award? You have 5.0 as average?
Alein: There’s only one person who shall be given the award by CIT. I have 4.936 as my average then (laughs). Aside from that, I was also one of the top 20 finalists for Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines (Dec. 2002), top 10 finalists for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), top 5 finalists for The Outstanding Cebuano Youth Leaders (TOCYL) – College Category and top 20 The Outstanding Students of Region 7 (TOSR-7).

Techno: A lot of people implied that you’re a celebrity in school. A lot of people know you.
Alein: It depends on how you define celebrity. I don’t know. It’s just that I’ve been here in CIT for 11 years (4 years in high school, 5 years in college and 2 years of teaching).

Considering your numerous awards, you have a bright future in the corporate ladder as an industrial engineer but why as an instructor?
Alein: Why i teach has been the usual question (laughs). After I graduated, I spent about a month, thinking where my life would lead me but there were offers outside.

Techno: Countless offers?
Alein: I can count it in my fingers (hahaha) in Cebu and Manila. I was confused at that time but my idealism emerges. I choose to teach because of the fact that I’m a nationalist. I could serve my country better especially in raising the stahndards of education.

Techno: How do you define success in connection to your teaching occupation?
Alein: For me, success is doing what you ought to do and being what you ought to be. It is very vague to characterize success. It depends on the perspective of the person. What I’m ought to do and ought to be depends on the Big guy above.

Techno: Do you think you have reached the peak of success?
Alein: I’m a happy person but I’m not just contented with what I am today because I still have a lot of things to accomplish in life.

Techno: Considering you’re only 23.
Alein: Most of the people say I’m still 23 but I myself consider that I am already 23 and still have a lot to do in my life. For me, I haven’t considered myself to be successful yet. I have 2 ultimate missions in life. It would be very much idealistic to say but I think you deserve to know this. First, to establish my own scholarship foundation for the underprivileged kids. I know it’s difficult but it’s possible. The other one is to expand knowledge through scientific discovery. I love biochemistry and genetic engineering.

Techno: That’s an incredibly noble feat. Have you done anything to achieve this vision?
I’m doing something right now that could help me establish that. I will be the one to sponsor kids.

Techno: What principle governs your life?
Alein: A friend of mine once shared to me this very astonishing line. He once said, “do what is right and not what is left”. Life for me is such a blessing and it should be maximized to its full potential and everyday you’re faced with certain choices either to make it or break it and it’s quite a challenge for me and a reminder everyday that my life should be spent on not what is left but doing what is right.

Techno: Philosophy in teaching?
Alein: One of my greatest role as a teacher is helping the students discover what’s the best for them. Teaching is basically empowering the mind, persuading them to aspire more than they think they are capable of attaining.

Techno: What are your advices for your fellow teachers or for those who anticipate being one?
Alein:I can’t consider that I am in authority right now. I wanna say beyond a talking head in the classroom, they should fully understand their capacity to make an impact in the student’s life. Each day is a new experience. Passion is anger plus love. Anger in the sense that I don’t like to see graduates who have degrees but they never understood their role in nation development.

Techno: So, how do you help them discover their gifts?
Alein: I always say to them — Challenge what is undoable and unthinkable. It’s only the mediocre that says that they are at their best. They were never successful. Mistake equals experience and experience equals character. What is really important is the becoming of the person. Everything great is considered impossible at first. Extraordinary things come from ordinary beginnings. Being a good friend, father or son is already a big contribution.

Techno: Lastly, how do you deal with the diverse personality of your students in school?
Alein:Embrace the truth. Whatever you do, understand and celebrate the differences.

Well, now you have heard him speak. Great character coupled with humungous perspective making him worthy of emulation. Now, let’s start doing ordinary things extraordinarily as we think above and beyond the horizon. The preference is yours! Ciao!

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