Founded 1946

The CIT Logo

This is the old logo of CIT as it appeared on the maiden issue of the Residuum two years after the school was founded. You will notice that the triangle of icons are circumscribed by a circular ring, and not with a gear.

Apparently, it was when CIT transferred to the C. Padilla Campus that the logo was modified by changing the circular ring to a spur gear with 12 teeth around the circumference. The present logo consists of a spur gear with twelve teeth. Circumscribed by the gear is an equilateral triangle with four compartments where the icons of a retort, a kinetic gear and a lightning bolt, a volute, a castle and the bowl of Hygieia, are found. There is a burning lamp resting on top of the triangle. The words: Cebu Institute of Technology and University are printed all around the side of the gear. The never ending quest for excellence is symbolized by the universal icon for dynamic power, the gear, circumscribing the triangle and providing as it were the motive drive to the engine of growth that CIT strives to become in this part of the global community.

The twelve teeth of the gear represent the original ten department heads and the two very dynamic and strong personalities who gave life to the institute. They are:

1. Dr. Nicolas G. Escario, Sr
Founder and first President

2. Don Simplicio Lizares
First Chairman of the Board

3. Jose Chavaria
Head, Department of Civil Engineering

4. Salvador Sala
Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering

5. Vicente Chatto
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

6. Candelario Almendras
Head, Department of Chemical Engineering

7. Gregorio Segura
Head, Department of Architecture

8. Rosalia To-ong
Head, Department of Pharmacy

9. Bernardo Icamen
Head, Department of Mathematics

10. Romano Brigoli
Head, Department of Mechanics & Physics

11. Aurelio Salazar
Head, Department of Technical Drawing & Engineering Materials

12. Mateo Go
Head, Department of Soil Mechanics

The three sides of the equilateral traingle represent the three engineers who laid the groundwork for the establishment of the school. They are Engr. Jose A. Cavan, Engr. Fidel C. Dagani Sr., and Engr. Amancio A. Alcordo. They were the ones who conceived the idea of putting up a school that would soon provide top quality education and training in engineering and technology, and eventually would produce board topnotchers and outstanding professionals in their respective fields.

Symbolically, the triangle can stand for stability, dependability and spirituality‚ hallmarks which CIT has persistently nurtured and for which it has gained prominence over the years. The six icons inside the equilateral triangle represent the six original courses envisioned by the founding fathers in 1946.

The six icons inside the equilateral triangle represent the six original programs envisioned by the founding fathers in 1946.

Medieval Castle – Civil Engineering
Kinetic Gear – Mechanical Engineering
Lightning Bolt – Electrical Engineering
Retort – Chemical Engineering
Volute – Architecture
Bowl of Hygieia – Pharmacy

The perpetually lit lamp resting on top of the triangle symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. This will later on symbolize the Education program which will start three years after the founding of the school.

The new logo of CIT University

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