Founded 1946

Student Services

The offices of the H.S. Registrar and Guidance facilitate enrolment of High School students. After all required documents are processed, the enrollee proceeds to the Accounting Office for the enrolment fee and Disciplinarian’s Office for the I.D.

The classroom adviser is responsible for the guidance of the class. He supervises activities undertaken by the students and provides counseling to class members in their personal and scholastic life. He takes charge of class attendance and tardiness and all class routines and activities. He informs the parents of the child’s performance in school. He is present with his class in all curricular and non-curricular activities where his presence is required.

Other subject teachers and club advisers assist class adviser in the guidance and follow-up of the students.

Free Tutorials
– Training for Quiz Bowls (by faculty).

General Information – Mrs. Cabiluna
Spelling, Extemporaneous Speaking and Oration – Mrs. Romero
Science – Mrs. Alegarbes & Mrs. Atillo
Math – Mrs. Parilla & other Math teachers
– Peer Tutorial (selected 4th year students). A project of the HS Math Club offered to all students who needs follow-up or speed lessons in Math.

– Remedial Program (for slow learner and under achievers)

– Review Program for NSAT. The regular academic program is set aside in favor of a comprehensive review program conducted by selected review teachers. Students undergo the review wihout additional fee during the regular school year. Pre-tests are given to simulate the actual exam.

– Supervision/Assistance in Athletes Training Program. Faculty renders voluntary coaching to some athletes who play for the school in school-wide, local, regional and national competitions.

Guidance Services(refer to Institutional Guidance Program)

The H.S. Disciplinarian’s office takes charge of the student’s ID, attendance/tardiness and the observance of the school rules and regulations.

The Student’s daily activities can be monitored through the STUDENT DIARY. The diary secure as a means of communication between the teachers and parents.

The CIT-HS Curriculum is enriched through its offerings in COMPUTER/THE for school Year 2000-2001:

In consonance to the avowed goal and the Philippine Secondary School Learning Competencies the CIT-HS Department’s curricular and co-curricular offerings aim:

– First Year (THE) : One grading period/half semester (Basic Computer Concepts, DOS, and Introduction to Windows).

Note:Three grading periods for Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Entrepreneurship and Typing (Computer lecture/laboratory are not intensive)

– Secondary Year (THE): Two grading periods/one semester: (Basic Computer Concepts, DOS, Intro to Windows, Software Application: MS Paint)

Note:Two other grading periods for Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Entrepreneurship and Typing. (Computer lecture/laboratory are intensive)

– Third Year :Whole year with Laboratory (Intro to Basic Programming, Writing Programs using GW-Basic, Software Applications: MS Word and MS Excel)

– Fourth Year : Whole Year with Laboratory (MS Word, MS Excel, Advanced Software Application using MS PowerPoint)

The CIT-HS Department’s curriculum: ACADEMIC/TECHNICAL/VOCATIONAL has enriched the regular academic curriculum provided by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports for Secondary Education through the department’s offerings in Computer (First to Fourth Years) and the technical /vocational offerings in Food Technology, Drafting and Electronics.

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