Founded 1946

Arts & Sciences

College Aims

The College of Arts and Sciences strives for the total development of the individual towards fullness of life. It is founded on the four global behaviors: Language and Communication Aptitude (in English, Filipino, and Mass Communication), Social Behavior (in Natural Sciences) and Self-actualization (in Humanities and Arts). With these, the College envisions to produce globally competitive professionals who are technology and research oriented, culturally and socially aware, God-loving, respectful of the dignity of others, and responsive to the needs of community.


A globally-directed College of Arts & Sciences continuously developing arts & science students who are highly skilled in their respective disciplines, exuding the traits of values-driven individuals who are willing to give the best they can in all endeavors.


To provide quality education for the total development of Arts & Science students committed in practicing professionalism and in meeting the demands of local and global communities.


The College of Arts & Sciences aims to:

1. Provide instructional resources for the general education curriculum in the undergraduate programs;

2. Foster interest in the arts and sciences by offering relevant programs in the fields of liberal arts and pure sciences;

3. Respond to the local and global challenges by providing opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research and community extension activities;

4. Support the institution’s goal of strengthening academic and industrial network through a more efficient internship program and an effective extension and linkage activities;

5. Integrate moral and spiritual values in the curriculum as well as in co-curricular activities.


Among the attributes of a CIT College of Arts and Sciences graduate are:

Value of Compassion and Empathy- the CIT College of Arts and Sciences graduate must imbibe healthy emotional bonds among peers, colleagues, and people in the community.

Leadership Values- the graduate must inculcate in him the values of leadership, passion for quality service in the helping profession, cohesiveness, integrity, competence, among others.

Communication Skills- the graduate must be proficient in both oral and written communication in English.

CAS Departments:

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