Founded 1946


Welcome to the Mathematics Department page. This page contains information on the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program as well as all relevant information pertaining to the department.


Mathematics Department is a service department continuously developing mathematically skilled, values-driven and competitive Technologians.


The Mathematics department commits to provide students with strong foundation in Mathematics needed in their respective field of specialization through improved classroom instructions and augmentation programs.

Goals and Objectives

Mathematics department is a service oriented department whose primary objective is to deliver Math-related services through classroom-based and computer aided instructions. With its supervision of the BS Mathematics program, the department faces the challenge of developing the potentials of the young who have shown passion and skill in Math problem solving and Math research.

Being a service department, Mathematics department aims to:

1. Develop students who can make decisions which are Mathematically based;

2. Make students appreciate the importance of Mathematics in their day-to-day routines;

3. Enhance their creative, logical, analytical and critical thinking thereby making them competitive, more confident and well-respected individuals.

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