Founded 1946

Administrative Offices

Accounting Department
The Accounting Department is responsible for the fiscal and budget management of the Institution, financial forecasting, and general accounting functions.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 127

Office of the Property Custodian
The Office of the Property Custodian is a support service department which provides the necessary supplies, materials, and services to the different sectors of the school to help them attain their respective goals.

The Property Custodian’s Office has custodial authority over all the institution’s facilities and equipment. It is also tasked with their upkeep and regular maintenance, as well as the procurement of necessary materials and supplies, and provision of services necessary for the daily operation of the different offices and units of the institution.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 113

Human Resource Department
The Human Resource Department helps employees enhance their competencies and improve work performance by delivering appropriate and effective personnel services and transformational programs. As a service unit, it will support the strengthening of
employee commitment to the CIT vision, mission, and values by helping create a work environment that promotes learning, teamwork, and client satisfaction. Overall, HRD offers quality solutions in people management and organizational development to CIT and its leaders as they work together in the constant quest for academic and service excellence.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 124

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