Founded 1946

Management Information Systems

The MIS Office implements advanced information systems using modern technology and innovative information management strategies to serve a globally competitive community.

Software/Multimedia Development and Training Center
The SMDTC meets the growing needs for conversion technologies of multimedia production which include audio, photo and video production, interactive presentations, broadcast quality presentations, interactive instructional materials, games, and more. It also helps introduce the use of multimedia in education.

SMDTC also provides top-quality computer hardware and software development training to artists and computer enthusiasts by means of special/non-degree courses.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 143

Enrolment Technical Office
The Enrolment Technical Office (ETO) is an enrolment monitoring and controlling body responsible for ensuring optimum use of classrooms and laboratory facilities.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 108

Technical Support Group
The Technical Support Group (TSG) Department delivers effective and efficient technical services to the school clientele. It is tasked to supervise, monitor, and administer the technical requirements of all computer equipment and facilities for both academic and administrative users. Aside from being the primary support group for various Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, the TSG is also responsible for providing the network connectivity needs of the entire institute.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 111

Information Systems Development Department
The Information Systems Development Department (ISDD) develops and implements solutions to assist students, faculty, and staff in meeting their operational needs by providing leading technology decision support systems, advanced information recording systems, and effective solutions to administration and management concerns.

Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 108

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