“Diversity and Distribution of Flora in CIT University Campus” by Biology Faculty Miss Esperanza Manabat

  • This paper was accepted for presentation at the 8th Asian Conference on Academic Journals and Higher Education Research and Asian Conference for Research Journalism held at Pryce Plaza Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City on August 17-20, 2011
  • It was a collaborative effort by the Biology faculty with Miss Manabat as head researcher and reviewed by international scientist and referee Dr. Suzanne Koptur of the Florida International University, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Being the third Best Presenter among the paper presenters during the conference, Miss Manabat was awarded the Asian Gold Award.


Program Educational Objectives

This program seeks to provide students with common background for the various fields in biology which meet the academic needs of undergraduate biology majors for career options in medicine, biology education and research. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for further studies in graduate education and in medical or health allied professions.

This program will enable graduates to:

1. Develop their scientific aptitude and understanding of the science of life;

2. Communicate effectively in espousing scientific ideas both in oral an written forms;

3. Apply mathematical and statistical methods and use recent technologies in analyzing biological data;

4. Employ their scientific training as they are employed as future biologists, biology professor, ecologist, or health professional or as they pursue graduate studies; and

5. Possess the traits of a values driven individual who is sensitive and responsive to the needs and demands of local and global communities.