CCS Alumni Expresses Gratitude for CIT University Through Heart-Warming Speech

CCS Alumni Expresses Gratitude for CIT University Through Heart-Warming Speech

“After all these years, this confirms my purpose as a teacher.” – Dean Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana

Last week, the CIT University team composed of Engr. Bernard Nicolas Villamor, President, Mr. John Gregory Escario, Vice President for Administration, Dean Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana, Dean of the College of Computer Studies, and Dr. Larmie Feliscuzo, Chair of the IT Department visited the office of Alliance Software, Inc., which has been the institution’s industry partner since 2013. During the visit, the CIT University alumni who are currently working in the company were asked to join the short program prepared for the team. One alumnus, Mr. Bryan Cabansay, gave a heartfelt message that sums up the debt of gratitude he has for the College of Computer Studies and the entire CIT University for their tireless efforts in, according to him, changing and forming lives.

Mr. Cabansay works as an Associate Technical Specialist and once handled the roles of Project Lead, and member or the Safety and Health Committee. He was a consistent Dean’s Lister and a Presidential Scholar when he was studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Among his list of achievements, he has upon him the following certifications: Oracle Certified Associate (Java SE 7 Programmer), PHILNITS FE IT Engineer, and PhilIT GCE.


In his speech, he specially mentioned Dean Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana who truly made a mark in his and his classmates’ lives. Below is the entire speech of Mr. Cabansay.


“Today, we recognize and honor all the faculty, admin, and everyone involved in CIT-U for their tireless efforts on behalf of students and alumni everywhere not just in IT, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering but also in other fields. Teaching is one of if not the most formidable and rewarding profession – indisputably changing and forming lives. And for that, we are celebrating you for the vital role that you play in guiding students and carving out their future and the future of our nation. Long and tedious work go into designing challenging lessons, guiding students through their learning, providing feedback to students, engaging with parents and families, collaborating with colleagues, reflecting on your instruction, staying abreast of research and latest technologies, and changes in content and pedagogy, and especially in leading. Ensuring that all of your students make progress toward their growth and proficiency is part of your daily grind. Some results of that work are clearly immediate, like when you are able to see a student have their “a-ha” moment when solving a computing problem or seeing their joy when their “Hello World” programs run for the first time. However, a considerable part of what you do has a long-term impact, in ways that may not be apparent right away. Ma’am Cherry once said this to my classmates who are teachers and I personally will not forget this one. I’m paraphrasing here but it really resonated with me. She said that if a teacher is able to mold a student to become a great programmer, that student’s life would change forever. You have inspiring stories of brilliant and hardworking students who were lifted off poverty because of the dedication and kindness you devoted. Teachers dedicate a great deal of their lives to giving the students the means to succeed and inspire them to do it. I am just very grateful and blessed that I get to be one of those students. Teaching is a vocation that propels every career. You should be proud and be happy to have produced a lot of successful graduates. You not only changed their lives but also those lives that they will eventually touch. Thank you for sharing to your students your passion for programming, design, data structures, and many more. I’m grateful for CIT-U, my own teachers, and all of you for doing this incredibly challenging, but noble and vitally important work. Thank you very much.”

Dean Sta. Romana admitted of being genuinely touched by the speech saying that, as a teacher, the speech confirmed her purpose in life and reason for being. After all these years, it is good to note that all her efforts paid off through the lives and success of the students she mentored.

Mr. Bryan Cabansay is only a few of the many successful students that CIT University has produced over time. In the years to come, we can be confident that we will continue to produce more successful and grateful students who will be giving their own speeches, touching their teachers’ hearts, and moving them to tears.