CIT-University Announces the Latest Investment, 3D Printer

CIT-University Announces the Latest Investment, 3D Printer

In line with our special series on Robotics, we announce our latest investment in providing our students with access to cutting-edge technology to facilitate superior learning – our very own 3D PRINTER.

In preparation for our soon-to-be-opened FABLAB (fabrication laboratory), the university has started investing on advanced and valuable equipment such as the 3D Printer. The university believes that learning can be best achieved if students have the right tools to simplify and aid them in their classroom and laboratory lessons. Such device also encourages innovation and invention from both learned and young visionaries.

The printer which is currently housed in the IS Laboratory can be very beneficial for both students and educators. For engineering and architecture students, working components, electronic parts, and prototypes can be printed for better appreciation. Art, business, and hospitality students can be more ingenious and visionary with their creations since an actual product can be produced rather than just being imagined on ink and paper. Chemistry, biology, and even nursing students can better understand intricate parts of molecules and planets, of cells and organs through a more realistic model.

Even our Elementary and High School students and teachers can make the best use of our printer. It encourages young inventors and artists to keep on discovering and coming up with new things. Even those who shy away from learning will love to try this modern technology, encouraging better collaborative learning in the classrooms. The list can go on and the possibilities are endless.

Last Wednesday, October 4, the different office and department heads from the College of Engineering and Architecture, and a few students were present during the unboxing of the 3d Printer. The latest gadget was warmly welcomed by the following (from left to right, 2nd row): Dr. Chris Aliac (IS Laboratory Coordinator), Engr. Felrem Lor (Chair, Civil Engineering Department), Ar. June Bayaton (Chair, Architecture Department), Engr. Erwin Salvador (Chair, Electrical Engineering Department), Engr. Susana Tan (Chair, Electronics Engineering Department), Engr. Vera Marie Lanaria (Assistant Chair, Chemical Engineering Department), Engr. Bernard Nicolas Villamor (University President), Mr. John Gregory B. Escario (VP for Administration), Engr. Evangeline Evangelista (Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture), Engr. Roberto Base (Chair, Mechanical Engineering Department), Engr. Roel Lauron (Chair, Computer Engineering Department), Engr. Rolando Tindoy (Head, Technical Support Group). The students present in the event were the following (from left to right, front row): Maynard Rebamba (BSCE-5), Peter Gamaliel Semblante (BSEM-4), Mark Angel San Nicolas (BSCE-5), Patrick Henry Salomon
(BSEE-4), Eugene Canencia (BSChE-4), Christian Vincent Mandawe (BSME-4), Dustin Ryan Morales (BSCpE-5), Albert Louis Apas (BSCpE-5), Elmmuel Gonzaga (BSCE-5), Eric Sapugay (BSIT-4).