New Beginnings and Self-Believing

Happy New Year!

I am always excited about new beginnings. I am glad that this time, I get to start the year sharing personal thoughts that I hope will not only resonate but will also be helpful to you. These thoughts, quotes, or inspirational stories may come from books that I’ve read, speeches from people I look up to, or even from my own experiences and reflections.

Stephen Covey’s popular book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, suggested that it is wise to always begin with the end in mind. Thus, since it’s the beginning of the year, it is high time for me to share with you a quote that has pushed me to achieve my personal dreams of starting and opening up my own business more than 10 years ago.

Whatever THE MIND OF MAN can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE. This is the line from Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, which has never left me until now. I believe that all of us are dreamers. At several points in our lives we have desires of achieving something or becoming someone. But what separate dreamers from achievers is (singular because the three need to be taken as one) self-belief, conviction, and action to get hold of the things we want and to turn the person we aspire to be. This new year, this is what I want to leave with you, first and foremost. May this year’s wishes and desires be next year’s successes and realities.

The book shared about six ways to turn desires into gold. I have paraphrased them so they can be more relevant to all of us.

Have definite dreams. Fix your mind on exact quantities, quantifiable goals, and measurable results.

Be ready to give something in return for that dream. It can be more time spent on studying, mastering your craft, extra effort to provide better customer service, or going one more mile beyond what is expected.

Establish a fixed time when you must achieve your dream. A goal is but a dream with a deadline.

Create a definite plan that works – and then work to carry out that plan. You should have specific actions steps that need to be worked on at once.

Craft a Goal Board which clearly states all of the above. It is important for you to visualize your dreams so you never lose sight of them.

Read them out aloud after arising in the morning and before retiring at night. Read and believe them until you find no reason not to achieve them. After doing this for over a year, my subconscious mind made me act automatically toward that dream with laser like focus.

Great dreams and the great minds that create them are so powerful. The line between what you believe and what you can achieve can only be determined by you. May you take hold of that power not by drawing but eliminating