In CIT, we have three academic units, which are Higher education, Secondary education and the Basic education. These offices are what we further describe as line departments. Line departments are those that perform tasks that reflect the institution’s primary goal and mission.


Our tertiary education consists of six colleges.

The honor of being the largest college goes to the College of Engineering and Architecture with nine (9) programs. Slowly but steadily increasing its population every year is the College of Computer Studies with four degree programs and 3 associate programs. The College of Commerce, likewise, has been consistent in its increase over the years, with offerings in Commerce, Management and Secretarial programs. The College of Education, on the other hand, is offering several majors in its BEEd and BSEd programs while the College of Arts and Sciences has three program offerings.


Our high school department, aims for the total development of the students through a balanced curriculum equipping them with basic and advanced computer skills, enriched with vocational and technical training.

Monthly academic activities are conducted to supplement learning in the classrooms while regular friendly competitions are organized to give the students opportunities to assess themselves, their know-how and their attitudes. Free remedial programs are available for slow learners and under achievers. Participation in student organizations and in community extension projects are strongly encouraged to develop student’s potentials in leadership, art, music, etc.

To learn more about the CIT brand of secondary education, please visit their page Senior High & Junior High.


Our elementary school offers complete a program for basic education, from pre-school to grade six. We offer the Montessori system of education to our pre-schoolers, designating four dedicated classrooms as the Pre-school/Montessori Center for nursery 1 & 2 and Kinder 1 pupils.

The Elementary Department provides educational opportunities to enrich our learners with quality instructional materials and a variety of learning experiences to cater to the special needs not only of the average pupils but likewise to those of the gifted ones and those who are considered slow learners and underachievers. Pupils with behavioral problems are accepted under the SPED program ultimately mainstreaming them into the regular program.

Computer Education subject is offered from Kinder 2 to grade 6. The inherent multiple intelligence in each individual pupil is enhanced through the various developmental programs identifying the needs, interests and capabilities of each learner. Co-curricular programs that are interdisciplinary in nature are consistently sustained while curricular programs are enhanced by utilizing different media and technological facilities.

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