The Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS) handles the admission of all incoming freshmen students. They are also responsible for processing applications for scholarships and discounts.

The OAS also manages the evaluation of students for awards and recognition.

Contact Information
The office is located at the Main Academic Building, beside the Guidance Center.

All inquiries and concerns must be addressed to:

Engr. Roberto P. Base, Jr.
Head, Office of Admissions and Scholarships
Cebu Institute of Technology
N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City
Cebu, Philippines 6000
Telephone Number: (032) 261-7741 local 117
Email Address:


CIT is open to any student who shows intellectual capacity and personal aptitude to carry on a directed school work as expected of them culturally and professionally. To qualify for admission, the applicant should meet CIT’s academic standards and must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations, policies and ideals of the institution.

In the selection of applicants, the following qualities are deemed favorable and necessary for success in the academic community:

  • A sincere desire to grow both as a human being and as a professional
  • A communicative proficiency in the English language
  • Social adaptability
  • Intellectual honesty; and
  • A commitment to excellence in various phases of school work

CIT reserves the right to turn down any applicant who does not meet the qualifying criteria set by the school. For more information, please see the following links:

CIT’s Bridge Program

This is a value-added service to incoming freshmen. It offers free review classes in Mathematics, English and Chemistry. The program aims to bridge the gap between high school and college instructions. It is offered before classes begin in the first semester.


CIT operates effective arrangements to direct scholarships and study grants to support the most able students on programs that develop competencies needed to support the Filipino economy and to enable the country to compete in global labor markets.

The Office of Admissions and Scholarships takes care of the selection and processing for approval of scholarship grantees. Ample resources are available to support scholarship beneficiaries throughout the duration of studies as long as the scholars qualify.

See the list of available scholarships here.

Would you like to sponsor a scholar?


CIT offers a unique system of awarding and recognizing both curricular and co-curricular achievements of her students. Regular recognition activities are held to honor their hard work and persistence to excellence.

College Honor Roll

To qualify for the College Honor Roll a student must have a grade average of at least 4.250. He/she must have not incurred an NC, DR or a failing mark in the previous semester.


The “Parangal” is an annual tradition in CIT wherein student-achievers like Academic Scholars, winners of various Inter-school competitions, Outstanding Graduates and Leadership Awardees, Outstanding Student Organizations, Officers of the Supreme Student Government are recognized.

It is usually held on the 2nd week of March.

Crowning of the King/Queen of Engineers

The King/Queen of Engineers is the top Engineering student of the graduating class. The crowning of the King/Queen of Engineers is a yearly tradition of honoring the King or Queen of Engineers together with his/her parents. The members of his/her court are engineering students who will be also graduating with academic honors.

This activity is spearheaded by the College of Engineering and Architecture in cooperation with the Office of Admissions and Scholarships. It is usually held on the 2nd week of March, a day after the Parangal.

Graduation Honors

Students who will complete their course with the qualifying general weighted average grades shall receive the corresponding honors during graduation. This is subject to the rules and policies prescribed by the Academic Council and approved by the Executive Committee.