The Department of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (DHBS) caters to the general education curriculum in the undergraduate specifically in the fields of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences such as Social Sciences and Psychology.

Specific Objectives:

1. Supervise the AB GM (Fine Arts) program by enhancing students’ appreciation in the Visual Arts through Advertising; develop skills such as self-discipline, group cooperation, commitment and responsibility which lead to a high self-esteem as well as provide meaningful academic challenge in the fields of Philosophy and Art Appreciation.

2. Supervise the BS Psychology program by exposing and molding students in both psychological theories and practices; immerse the students in community services to actualize the learned theories and practices; and to apply acquired knowledge to the different spheres of human activity; and provide General Psychology subjects to all disciplines enabling the students to identify their strengths and weakness as they face the realities of their different professions.

3. Provide exciting and positive academic challenge in the study of Politics and Governance, Economics, History and Geography which will prepare students to be responsible citizens with the ultimate goal of fostering international understanding and respect for all cultures.