As one of the natural sciences, physics is part of the subjects in the general education curriculum particularly in the programs offered by the College of Engineering and Architecture and other Bachelor of Science programs like the BS Psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Considering the importance of physics in the curriculum, the Physics Department aims to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge in Physics coupled with a more rigid mathematical skills application. This is for students to realize the important contribution of Physics in probing and formulating scientific laws to predict and explain phenomena.

Specifically, the Physics department is guided by the following objectives:

1. To equip students with the appropriate knowledge in Physics to better prepare them for higher or specialized courses in pure and applied sciences;
2. To develop students mathematical skills in probing or formulating scientific laws or theories;
3. To supervise instructional procedures in Physics lecture and laboratory classes;
4. To provide assistance in research undertakings and experiments done by faculty and/or students; and
5. To conduct activities that will help students and academic community be appreciative of the contribution of Physics in the society.