Vision of RDCO

Relevant, sustainable and globally competitive Research and Development programs as tools for quality assurance and for the achievement of the university’s goals.

Mission of RDCO

The research and Development Coordinating Office as one of the service arms of Cebu Institute of Technology – University is geared towards the total development of its students, faculty and support staff, alumni, and the local, regional, national and global communities.

Its thrusts and activities foster the development of globally competitive research-oriented professionals who continually pursue the search for new knowledge and technology, and data management for on-going assessment and improvements for quality assurance, and for the achievement of the university’s goals.

The Research and Development Programs shall, likewise, nurture a culture of excellence in research, give value to moral and ethical standards, and be a tool in the improvement of the quality of instruction CIT-U community.

Objectives of the RDCO

  1. To advocate researches in aid of instruction
  2. To carry out researches that are interdisciplinary (involves more than one department / professional discipline)
  3. To assist faculty members and the Institution as a whole, thus enhancing its research capabilities
  4. To boost researches with revenue generation potential
  5. To encourage research programs that are sustainable
  6. To support researches with potential
  7. To promote researches geared towards the development of the local, regional, national and global communities

Functions of the RDCO

The office coordinates research activities of the university; institutional researches, projects for faculty and students, extension projects such as consultancies and contact researches and in the publication of the university’s researches. It establishes linkages with other research institutes and organizations.