The Library and Learning Resource Center is a support unit of the Cebu Institute of Technology – University, taking an active role as one department to collaborate with CIT University’s six colleges to respond to instructional, research and information needs.


The Library and Learning Resource Center was established in Cebu Institute of Technology’s first campus on C. Padilla Street. When the institution moved to the N. Bacalso Avenue campus in the late 1960’s, the library was relocated as well. During the 1980’s, the library took its present site, with its building renovated later in 2004 adapting much more modern and state of the art facilities to improve services. At present, the main library building, also known as the College Library, is centrally located inside the campus, giving students and faculty a convenient access.

The Library and Learning Resource Center is composed of the College Library, and four unit libraries located in separate buildings, namely, the Graduate Library, the Academic Library Extension, the High School Library and the Elementary Library.


The Library and Learning Resource Center, as an academic support unit, strives to develop an environment that encourages the pursuit of intellectual endeavor, and the discovery of new knowledge that will advance lifelong learning.


To provide access to information sources consistent with the present and anticipated curricular, co-curricular, research and social concerns of the CIT community, and to render quality library services that are directed towards the needs of the library clientele.


1. To develop a collection of books, journals, non-book and electronic sources sufficient to support the instructional, curricular, co-curricular and research programs of the institution.

2. To make the library services accessible to students, faculty, administrative staff and alumni, and as much as possible to the community.

3. To facilitate and coordinate with Deans, Department Heads, and faculty members in the selection and acquisition of relevant library materials and services.

4. To develop awareness and maximum utilization of the library by guiding students and faculty in the selection and use of materials and in the application of research skills.

5. To develop inter-library linkages and services which extend the access of students and faculty to materials in other libraries and agencies of information.

6. To select, develop and maintain qualified librarians and support staff necessary to operate, organize and manage the collection and services of the library.

7. To encourage librarians to enhance their professional growth.

8. To provide and maintain comfortable, appropriate, and functional library space and facilities.

9. To provide and maintain technological innovations applicable to library services and processes.

10. To encourage the formation of a lifelong habit of reading.

11. To be responsive to the needs of the community through its community extension program.

[Source: Cebu Institute of Technology University Library and Learning Resource Center, Procedural Manual, 2008, Rev. Ed., p.1-2]


Come and visit us! The Library and Learning Resource Center is open:

Monday to Friday
7:30 A.M. – 7:30 P.M.

8:00 A.M. – 12:00 NOON

Saturdays before scheduled major exams
(prelim, midterm, pre-final & final exams)
8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.



Cebu Institute of Technology – University
Library and Learning Resource Center
N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City
6000, Philippines

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