“Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, today.”

Welcome to the Student Affairs Office (SAO) page.

The SAO in Cebu Institute of Technology assists in the accomplishment of the alma mater’s main educational goal: The formation of whole and well-balanced Technologians.

With the aim of nurturing future leaders, SAO provides opportunities for students to develop their various potentials and ushers them towards using their skills and talents in enriching fellow students and the community.

SAO encourages you to pursue your passions and maximize your potentials! View the list of official student organizations you can join here.

Services and Functions

The following are the services and functions of the office:

  • provides adequate training for creative leadership among campus organizations
  • supervises student organizations and student co-and extra-curricular activities
  • assists in the screening of student nominees for leadership awards and citations
  • processes the enrolment of all transferees
  • implements policies on proper decorum and discipline
  • serves as liaison with other offices in CIT, the student body and the public on matters concerning student activities
  • assists in all other non-academic aspects of student life
  • screens permits for posters and notices of student activities
  • prepares the annual calendar of activities
  • facilitates the distribution of letters and telegrams
  • manages the lost and found section
  • processes the issuance of students’ ID


The Student Affairs Office is located at the second floor of the Main Academic Building.

Contact Info

For concerns regarding student activities and attendance excuse slips, student discipline, uniform exemption, and lost and found items, you may address your concerns to Mrs. Elsa Miral, Head of Student Affairs Office, or email at sao@cit.edu.