The Student Affairs Office (SAO) recognizes the importance of student organizations to build leadership, encourage teamwork, learn new skills and find self-fulfillment. Whether it is in gathering for a spiritual worship or in discussing about the latest engineering methodology, student organizations—and the activities they conduct—help bring out the true Technologian core values.

SAO encourages you to make an impact and leave your own unique mark at Cebu Institute of Technology through your involvement in worthwhile organizations and causes.

Explore the many possibilities that any of these officially Recognized Student Organizations for School Year 2009-2010 can provide. You may also visit the Guidelines for Student Organizations page to gain information about forming a new student organization.

Bread Society – CIT Chapter

BREAD SOCIETY CIT CHAPTER whose mother unit, the BREAD SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL- a non-stock, non-profit, non-government, socio-civic organization registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C. Registration No. CN2000604436) is open to all bonafide students of CIT.

The organization recognizes the importance of the Bible as basis for morality and Christian faith. It also believes that educational institutions should play a role in the development of the moral values of the youth, as mentioned in Article XIV Section 3(2) of the 1987 Constitution. It desires to help educational institutions in this noble task by encouraging students to read and study the Bible, understand, and practice its teachings.

CFC-Youth for Christ

CFC-YOUTH FOR CHRIST (YFC) is affiliated to the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation and the network of its corresponding family ministries within the Philippines and abroad, on both school and community based groups, CFC-Singles for Christ, CFC-Youth for Christ, CFC-Kids for Christ, CFC-Handmaids of the Lord, CFC-Servant of the Lord.

The Mission and Vision of CFC-Youth for Christ CIT Chapter is based on the words of the scripture, to “Unite all things in Christ” (Eph 1:10). It is a response to the call of our Church leadership and our school to proclaim Christ for all men.

Vision: A Renewed Society in Christ Through The Campuses
Mission: Renewing Society Through Christ Through The Campuses

The organization believes: As our school strives to send out into the world men who are fully human, wholly Christian and truly Filipino, we have made it our mission to be partners in this task by providing Christian peer support to as many students as possible. We make it our mission to speak to our peer in Christ , and by the grace of God to be witness for Him in the school. Through this, we are confident that we will be used by Him as partners in molding men who will be of service to Christ in His Church, and in the larger community of our society and the whole world.

Christian Fellowship

The CIT-CF is composed of Campus Crusade for Christ, Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, Navigators, Agape Campus Mission and Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Student Life Club (SLC) and Campus Cruisers. All of these parachurches have the same vision and have the same commission; that is, discipling the whole nation. The only difference is that they have different trainings.
Each parachurch operates on their own as long as no two parachurches have conflicting activities involving the use of school facilities. The CIT-CF is the legal bridge of the parachurches to the school administration. This means that transactions with school administration should pass through the CIT-CF coordinators.
Membership is open to any bonafide student provided he/she is a born again Christian. Individual members are required to affiliate with any of the seven parachurches.
The word “Christian” does not mean religious affiliation but rather his personal spiritual experience and encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

CIT Red Cross Youth Council

The organization is an arm of the Philippine National Red Cross Youth-Cebu Chapter. It also serves as liaison between the mother unit and the school (CIT) in disseminating information about the services of the Philippine National Red Cross. It also helps the school in disaster preparedness and safety procedures.

Community Theatre

All CIT students who are interested and willing to undergo training through seminars, workshops and theatre productions are eligible to apply for membership to the organization.
The CIT-CT aims to promote the development of students in the appreciation for the performing arts.

Computer Students’ Society

The CIT-CSS is the sole representative and voice of the computers students of the institution. The CIT-CSS believes that the general welfare of the computer students it its immediate concern. It serves as the voice of the computer students in the school administration, CIT SSG and other organizations in the presentation of the students’ views on matters which directly affect the computer students. The organization also aims to promote unity, closer and harmonious relationships, and cooperation among the computer students.

Department of Science and Technology sa CIT (DOST sa CIT)

DOST SA CIT is a non-stock, no-profit association that is open to all bonafide students of CIT who are recipients of the S&T Scholarship Act of 1994 (R.A. 7687). It is an affiliate of the Department of Science and Technology Scholars Association of Cebu.

The Association aims to promote academic excellence, environmental awareness,and social involvement among its members. Furthermore, the organization also aims to develop individuals who can serve as agents of scientific and technological advances.

For more information, please visit the DOST webpage on Scholarship Programs.

English Circle

The English Circle is an organization of English majors and English language enthusiasts. Membership is open to all College of Education students and all other students from the other colleges as long as they are bonafide students of CIT.

The organization aims to give students an avenue for personal growth by way of symposia, seminars, lecture fora and in-service trainings. Its main objective is to promote understanding, unity, cooperation, camaraderie and goodwill among the students in the College of Education as well as the other colleges.

Industrial Engineering Council (IE Council)

The CIT IE COUNCIL is an organization of Industrial Engineering students whose main aim is to foster camaraderie and unity among the IE students of CIT. Membership is open to all bona fide students enrolled in the Industrial Engineering Department.

The members of the council believe that the organization would promote their capabilities in finding solutions to problems in academic, economic, social and cultural aspects of their students’ life and would make them aware of their role in national building. The council also believes that it is necessary to extend appropriate support to the different IE organizations in the different schools in Cebu.

Integrated Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines CIT Chapter (IECEP-CIT Chapter)

The organization is open to all students enrolled in the Electronics and Communications Engineering program. A member is either an aspirant or regular member as stated in the Constitution and By-laws of the organization.
Its aim is to promote the study of Electronics and Communications Engineering through the encouragement of research, group discussions, seminars and field trips.

Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers CIT Chapter (IIEE-CIT Chapter)

The IIEE-CIT STUDENT CHAPTER aims to unite the Electrical Engineering students of CIT into one dynamic association. Its objectives are as follows:

  • To protect the rights of all the members as stated in this constitution
  • To help foster and maintain good academic standards in the field of Electrical Engineering
  • To help in the advancement in the field of technical knowledge of electrical Engineering and encourage utmost cooperation among the members through the interchange of information and ideas and the participation of technical seminars
  • To encourage the study of the science of Electrical Engineering courses and other related sciences and to promote their practical application.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)

JPIA is composed of all students of the school majoring in Accounting or currently taking Accounting 3 (Intermediate Accounting l).

The following are its aims and objectives:

To promote the study of accounting through the encouragement of research and the holding of discussions and seminars on accounting subjects

  • To help accounting students in any problems related to his studies in accounting
  • To promote fellowship and brotherhood among accounting students
  • To promote the moral, intellectual and social growth of the accounting students
  • To maintain better understanding between the members of the organization and the school authorities.

Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers CIT Chapter (Jr. PiChE-CIT Chapter)

The organization is open to all first, second and third year bona fide chemical engineering students (who are considered as associate members) and fourth and fifth year bona fide chemical engineering students (who are considered as regular members).

The objective of the organization is to foster unity among the ChE students through the encouragement of group study and other activities relative to academic interest.

Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers CIT Chapter (Jr. PSME–CIT Chapter)

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers CIT-Chapter exist primarily to unite all the Mechanical Engineering students and to develop the individual potentialities through:

  • individual and collective participation in internal training programs to develop leadership potentials;
  • active involvement in all symposia, seminars, and other activities relevant to the wholesome development of Mechanical Engineering students in becoming future Mechanical Engineers, and in the promotion of the economic development of the community; and,
  • furtherance of understanding, goodwill and cooperation among all the members.

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers- CIT Chapter (PICE-CIT Chapter)

Members of the organization shall be 4th and 5th year civil engineering students of good standing enrolled in the school for the current year and has applied for membership to the organization. The organization may allow guest-members who are in their 2nd and 3rd year they are in good standing and enrolled in the current semester.

Its aim is to encourage civil engineering students to work together in fellowship dedicated to science and technology. Moreover, the organization is working towards enhancing and improving civil engineering standards, curricula and its facilities.

Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu – CIT Chapter

The organization is an arm of Rotary Club of Metro Cebu. It’s constitution and by laws are patterned after the mother unit. It is a socio-civic organization whose main aim is to extend service to the community in general and to the Cebu Institute of Technology in particular.

Membership is open to all bona fide students of the institution. Anyone who wishes to join may contact any of the officers or members. All of its activities is designed to open the minds and hearts of the students to what is going on around the campus and the community. It is always ready to help those who are in need.

The following committees will prove the extent of its commitment:

  • Club Service
  • International Service
  • Community Service
  • Professional Development
  • Finance

The international service and community service committees shall each have the duty of initiating and planning one major activity in the field each year which shall involve all or most of the club membership.

Student Body Organization (College of Nursing)

The Cebu Institute of Technology College of Nursing Student Body Organization shall be the sole student organization representing the voice and the will of the student of the College of Nursing. No other organization with the same purpose shall be established within the lifetime of this organization.

The aims and objective of this organization are as follows:

  • To develop cooperation between/among students in such undertaking as when as to secure for every student the highest advantage in physical, mental and moral education and spiritual consciousness
  • To improve and/or maintain the standard of the college
  • To advance the educational, social, moral, health and economic welfare of the college
  • To instill in them the ideals of dedicated leadership, responsible citizenship; uphold the value of life and provisions of quality care
  • To engage in worthwhile civic projects and community development activities
  • To support plans, undertakings, tasks and decisions of the school student government and administration that could redound to the welfare and benefit of the organization and of the institution
  • Defend and promote the rights and welfare of the students

Young Educator’s Association

The organization is open to all College of Education students of the school. Its aim is to provide avenues for personal and professional growth by involving them in all the activities of the College, in particular; and the school, in general.

The organization also helps them prepare for their future responsibilities as effective and efficient teachers by acquiring more skills in pedagogy and in the preparation of instructional materials.

Student Organizations under the supervision of SAO which do not need recognition:

  • Campus Ministry
  • Supreme Student Government (SSG) – visit their BLOG site
  • The Technologian Student Press