1. We want a more exciting and fun Intramurals/Colors Day.”

Action: We gave you the #BestIntramsEver through your Supreme Student Government.

  1. The accounting should be more lenient with their lapsed priority number policy considering that waiting students also need to attend classes.”

Action: The accounting department will now entertain lapsed numbers within the 100 range. For those beyond the 100 range, they will be entertained between 4:30 to 5:30 PM.

  1. Repost the E-Schedule in the website.”

Action: You may now see the E-schedule in the E-schedule page of the CIT University website. Just visit www.cit.edu/v6/e-schedule

  1. Reduce the sizes of the pictures in the website to facilitate faster loading.”

Action: Pictures are now reduced and the team is currently working on making it more responsive.

  1. Fix the “uncovered” window of the male comfort room at the 3rd floor of the main building.”

Action: Upon inspection, it was found out that the window is not uncovered but has clear glass. The glass is now painted with white enamel paint to make it look like opaque glass instead of the previous clear one.


  1. A bicycle parking rack should be provided for students who want to avoid heavy traffic and opt to go for a more eco-friendly means of transportation.”

Action: The Property department will suggest for the construction of a number of bicycle racks at the ground floor in front of the JHS PEHM building.

  1. Allow CIT University students to ride on the CIT school buses in its return trip to the campus.”

Action: On the week of August 14, the school bus started picking-up students along the highway for a free ride in coming to school in the morning. This morning trip is usually from Minglanilla to CIT University, after the bus had dropped off the nursing students from their community service.

  1. Student ID releasing by ETO.”

Update: Senior High School IDS were 100% complied sometime Aug 24, 2017. College (new and transferees) ID’ s had started printing in the middle of August. As of September 3rd week, it’s almost 100% done except for few students who failed to drop by at the ETO. Grade school ID’s are 100% done but slings and protectors are still for delivery. Junior High School IDs, particularly for Grade 7 are now being printed, and is targeted to be done by September week 4.