Elementary School


The Elementary Department aims to provide quality education that imbues pupils with values, develops their communication and computer skills, enhances their technological knowledge, professes Filipino identity by appreciating Filipino heritage and culture, and become a responsible member of the community who is concerned with the marginalized sectors of society.


  1. Strengthen knowledge, skills and attitude in Communication Arts, Science and Technology, Mathematics, and Social Studies;
  2. Integrate Montessori Activities in the pre-school level;
  3. Inculcate values in all subject areas for character formation;
  4. Expose learners to various Filipino cultures for appreciation and development;
  5. Provide educational opportunities for enrichment;
  6. Provide co-curricular programs; and
  7. Support the institutional community outreach program.


AttributesStudent Learning Outcomes
Values – DrivenApply the values learned from different subjects to real-life situations
Effective in CommunicationExpress one’s thoughts and feelings
AnalyticalAnalyze and evaluate an issue objectively in order to form a judgment
TeamworkAct with others in the attainment of a common goal
PatrioticPromote love for country
Computer LiterateApply basic computer skills

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